MEXICO CITY – Steve Wijler grijpt podium tijdens WK debuut

In pas zijn eerste internationale seizoen en eerste WK heeft de 21-jarige Steve Wijler direct het brons veroverd op het onderdeel recurve. Hij versloeg in de Rus Baldanov met 6-2.

Arsalan Baldanov (8) begon zijn partij sterk met een 28-26 setwinst. De Limburger Wijler leek wat onwennig in de eerste set maar herpakte zich met een overtuigende set van 29. Daarna was Steve niet meer te stoppen. Met 29 en een afsluitende perfecte 10-10-10 liet hij geen enkele ruimte aan de Rus om hem van het podium af te houden.

After all I couldn’t wish for a better season, and I am really curious to see what next year will bring.


Steve Wijler maakt een indrukwekkend debuut seizoen door. Tijdens zijn allereerste World Cup in Shanghai wist hij direct het goud te winnen. Later in het seizoen won hij een zilveren World Cup medaille bij de landenteams en nu zet het met een WK medaille de kroon op het werk.


What a year it’s been, exactly one year ago I joined the national team. Ever since I’ve been working very hard to accomplish my goals. I’ve quit my job and I can call me a professional archer, in my private life also allot had to chance. I moved to Arnhem to the National training center to be there everyday. That means that I do not see my friends very often, and that also means that I see my girlfriend less than I would hope. I had give up my life as an ‘normal’ working person to live the life that I always dreamed off. When I was still in school I never really know what I wanted to do in my life. Until the moment I realized that I wanted to be a high level archer. From that moment on, the only thing that I could imagine to do was train hard for the thing that I love. I really love ❤️ archery so for me it wasn’t really hard to pick up my bow everyday and go to the practice field. And shoot a high amount of arrows everyday. Some people called me crazy and some called me dump, but the thing that I know for sure is that I live my dream!  It’s been my first year on the team and what a blast its been. As most of you know, I won gold in Shanghai on my first ever World cup. After Shanghai its been a rouge mentally time, I felt that people suddenly expected something from me. But I know for sure that I am over it right now. We took a Silver medal with the team in Berlin. I’ve made it to the World cup Final were I’ve just missed the podium with a 4th place. And now at my last outdoor competition of this year I’ve became 3rd at the World championships.  After all I couldn’t wish for a better season, and I am really curious to see what next year will bring. I really would like to thank the people that always have my back: my girlfriend, my parents, my friends, my teammates, the coaches, and all of the medical staff. And I also would like to thank my sponsors for having the faith in me and providing me with the best material there is in the world. I really couldn’t do it without you guys.#archery2019 #archerylife #nhb #workhard #worldchampionship #playhard #lovetoshoot #lovemylife

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