This bulletin contains information about the EFAC2019, please read it carefully.

#01 Please put me in same group as…

Yes how nice if we could make this wish come through. There are rules about how groups are composed, on the starting day it is up to the discretion of the field captain (me) and for the following days it will depend on the ranking in your division/style. In general; styles shoot on the same range, exception is cub, all cubs shoot on the same range, to accommodate the requirement for a adult companion. Bottomline, don’t be disappointed if we are not able to fulfill your request.

#02 Scorecard

Scorecard, seems a never ending story, after consultation with several knowledgeable people we determined a view on the rules. The turmoil around this view did not end, and have put this issue on the table during the congress in Warsaw (IFAA Europe meeting). The scorecard rule will be interpreted as follows: In order to participate at EFAC2019 you need a IFAA Scorecard, containing at least two scores. This proofs knowledge about the rules, if you want to start in B or C class, you need two FIELD scores.

#03 CUBs need assistance!

We are looking for adults to accompany the cub groups during the 5 competition days. The IFAA recognizes the responsibility for the very young participants, and requires every group of 4 cubs to have an adult as team-captain who basically will assist the archers (scoring, safety etc) If you are interested (or know somebody) please contact us. We will enlist you as volunteer (food, shirt etc), minimal availability is 1 day.

#04 Participants list on website

Ever since we published the first list of participants, people asked for a tool to search on several elements. Took a lot of time to realize (to be honest other priorities), but now we have one. Have a look at EFAC Participants One of the priorities was to absorb the rules changes ie introducing the Senior division.

#05 Style, limitations are lifted

Starting 2019, the book of rules has changed regarding style.

All style are now open for all divisions, meaning:
Cub can start in Bowhunter Recurve/Compound, Bowhunter Limited/Unlimited  Historical Bow open for Senior, Veterans, Young Adult, Junior, Cub

#06 Revised maximum of participants, Waiting list

To start with the waiting list, it’s empty and no longer maintained. We have a very straight forward registration process, and the waiting list was a big hurdle in the sense that it took far more effort to manage a small list than anticipated. We resolved it by agreeing with IFAA to add 40 additional places to our tournament (from 560 to 600), offering the first pick to waiting list, and then re-opening the standard registration. Raising capacity to 600 implies max 120 archers on every range, that will add 2 waiting positions to ever 28 targets. We will arrange for a sufficient spot to wait.

#07 Mailing Quality registration

Every now and then we mail participants with questions about their registration, our aim is to prevent any possible change during the registration process on-site in August. We do not expect a perfect register, but strive anyway. So if you get a mail, please read it carefully and follow the instructions.

#08 Fletcher Hotels

For those who are looking for hotel lodging, we have reached an agreement with Fletcher Hotels, Hotel-Restaurant Doorwerth-Arnhem is the nearest hotel to the venue. Fletcher Hotels offers 5 hotels.

#09 Competitions (CON and Team)

We received inquiry about organizing the Champion of Nations competition during the EFAC, we will NOT accommodate this competition (as allowed by book of rules p86). We will organize the team competition, procedure to be published later

#10 Tournament Time Schedule

IFAA has decided (in October 2018) that it is not desired to have banquette, ceremony and closing all at the end of the last competition day. Allowing more time to process scores, publish/check results will add quality to the closing stage of the tournament. But everything has a price, this will mean that the tournament will close on Saturday early afternoon, and some participants have notified us about travel plans which do not allow to stay beyond early Saturday.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and will do everything to get your medal to you, but this is what is it.

#11 Rudeness & language

In conjunction with the remark about quality of registration, I urge you to be polite and relaxed , most of us are not native speakers in English, but that’s never an excuse to be rude. It’s not a living it’s a hobby, You can mail me in Dutch, English or German, and I will answer in Dutch or English.