This bulletin contains information about the EFAC2019, please read it carefully.

#01 Check your group, enough competition?

We respect all registrations, even those leading to very small groups. To avoid disappointment please check your group at the website ( | Starter list ) the list is sorted on Division/Style and start number. If you want to change, please inform us before July 2nd, 2019 (Registration closed)

#02 Time line till August 2nd

June 7th-10th, EFAC Organisation present at DUTCH OPEN, assistance and training volunteers.

July 2nd, registration close, ensure all your info is up to date (printed at the top of these columns)

July 15-16, all participants will receive a mail containing Final ticket, Bow forms and last instructions

#03 5 Nations Fort van Lier

A number of EFAC participants requested a late arrival registration because of their participation in Lier. We will open the registration & inspection for Lier participants between 20:00h and 21:00h. Please notify us if you want to use this late registration.

#04 Webform

Second half of June we will present a pre-order webform. With this form you can order items like badges, stickers and pins, payment during registration. We will also present the available catering options (menu’s and prices) Finally we will open the fast lane option for registration, you can reserve a time slot to go through the registration & inspection process. This is not compulsory, but it will help us to have plan volunteers

#05 Team(s)

We will run a style team competition, forms available in your participants envelope. Registration fee for teams is 30 Euro. You need 3 of 4 team members Each team appoints a team captain which registers the team at the tournament office.

#06 Location, Location

Several participants asked for the location

GPS: 51.967742, 5.788307 [google maps]

Fonteinallee 4
6865 ND Doorwerth

#07 Faces

Curious about target faces? We have ordered over 3.000 hunter and field faces, NFAA approved manufactured by Maple Leaf. The Animal faces are delivered by our friends from DFBV (IFAA approved)

#08 Volunteer for CUB

We are still looking for a volunteer (1) to accompany the cub groups. The previous bulletin was successful, we could enlist two volunteer. This is a very specific role; knowledge of scoring and able to handle 4 kids through the day. Interested? Please contact us at