This bulletin contains information about the EFAC2019, please read it carefully.

Hotel & Camping info

The website will be updated with the hotel and campsite info, we have tried to organize a tournament campsite without success, the area where the tournament is held is labeled as ‘Natura 2000’, which brings tough rules about preservation.

Changing your subscription

For planning purposes and a smooth registration process we encourage participants to notify us if your subscription needs to change. Regular requests are Style changes, Class update. Do not hesitate to inform us!
Mail to , please include your start number.

Changes in terms and conditions

We have decided to change some of the terms:
a) The pricing scheme is simplified, one price till tournament start (adult €140, junior/cubs €100)
b) Cancellation fee will be reduced to 10% (plus payment costs) if we manage to resell your ticket.

Ticket resell/Swap

It’s not allowed to sell your ticket to other archer(s) for a number of reasons:
– We need participants to comply with the IFAA rules, Scorecard and safety statement
– We want eliminate the risk of fraud (selling multiple times), we guarantee registered participants access to the tournament.
– We do not want participants pay more than the official ticket price.
– It is not fair for archers on the waiting list.

There will be a identity check at registration.

Book of Rules 2019

During the last IFAA World Council Meeting (Potchefstroom, South Africa) three significant changes for EFAC2019 have been applied to the book of rules. Significant in a context that it impact the subscriptions;
1) Young Adult (now 17-20 years of age)
2) Senior (65+ years of age, entitled to participate as Senior, Veteran of Adult)
3) Opening up all IFAA shooting style to all amateur age groups

Impact of these changes:

ad 1) We will check all subscriptions (age at tournament start) and change the division according to the new rules.
ad 2) We will contact you; asking in which division you want to start
ad 3) All subscriptions are allowed to request an other style, at no charge, send us a mail with your start number and requested style.

Waiting list

We have sold all available tickets, and have to disappoint interested archers. We want to maximize their chance to participate and have taken the following measures:
– introduce a waiting list
– publish statement about reselling tickets
– reduced cancellation fee’s

Help us (and fellow archers) and inform us about not attending! Probably somebody else is looking for a place.

The Tournament Secretary (Carel Deden) is behind this email address. We strive to answer your mails within 48 hours, but allow us a week in times of high mail volume (as expected after this mail)