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Kasteel Doorwerth
Fonteinallee 2,
6865 ND, Doorwerth
The Netherlands


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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find my name on the startlist

We produce a list of participants (starters) at least once a week on Friday.

If you are not on the list, and have booked prior to last weeks friday, please send a mail to with the request to investigate (supply details).

Otherwise wait till next version.


Where can I find my start number?

The starternumber (adl-xx of jun-xx) can be found on:
– your ticket, bottom of the big white area
– on our starterslist on the register page of the website

Be aware that we will replace this number during registration at the venue. It acts as a status indicator (registered and paid), the final number reflects that all administrative steps have been completed (and passed).

Which age group am I in?

Titel: Age Group
Source IFAA Book of Rules
Cut of Date August 2nd 2019

Veteran: 55 years+ (option to compete as Adult)
Adult: 19 – 54 years
Young Adult 17 and 18
Junior 13 – 16
Cub < 13

Book of Rules page 36-37

Why do you need the email address?

The email address listed when ordering the ticket (segment ORDER) will be used to mail you the tickets, this one is mandatory.For each and every ticket you can enter a email address. We will use this in the near future for updates on the event.

Why do I need to fill in my phone number?

During registration we ask for a phone number, We will use this number in case we need to contact you, usage is restricted to EFAC related issues..

Can I join as a guest?

Yes you can join as guest, if you are a eligable archer from a federation outside the europe area. See text from Book of Rules: take note of 3.d

  1. Guests
    a. A host of IFAA sanctioned Regional Championships may accept registration of member archers from outside the Region as guests and invite archers from non-affiliated associations as guests to promote the IFAA, if places are available.
    b. Archers from the Region may however not be denied entry because the available places are taken by guests.
    c. Guests are not included in the daily seeding of the archers and may not receive an official IFAA tournament medal.
    d. Registration of guest archers cannot be confirmed until close of registration.

Exec note: Guests may be placed with archers in other shooting styles if no place in the same style is available.

Which Class do I need to register in?

Shooting classes are only applicable for Adult, Young Adult and Juniors. There are no classes in the Veteran and Cub division, so they will be ignored.

See the Book of Rules page 57-58 for an overview of the classification classes

Event Info

Accomodations & Travel

Will you offer a list of accommodations?

Yes we will. It will come as soon as possible.

Love for our support!

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