EFAC 2019 will be organized by Handboogsport Nederland (NHB) from August 2nd till August 10th, 2019 at and around Castle Doorwerth, City of Renkum, The Netherlands.

from 28-02-2019 till 01-06-2019

Adults / Junior & Cubs
€150 / 110
  • Cancellation fee: before 01-06-2019 50% of registration + cost of payment handling

from 01-06-2019 till 02-08-2019

Adults / Junior & Cubs
€160 / 120
  • Cancellation fee: before 02-08-2019 100% of registration + cost of payment handling

Important message upfront



Our registration process differs from previous tournament, as we have chosen to use an external service provider to handle registration and payment. This provider allows us to simplify the registration process and most important, we want to avoid participants who reserve first and decide later, leading to waiting list, and a rush to register. The registration process requires payment, start when you are sure.

We offer 4 different payment options, IDEAL [Netherlands, free of charge], BANCONTACT [Belgium, 2,9% charge], SOFORT [Germany, 2,9% charge], Creditcard [3.5% charge] and PAYPAL [4% charge]

IFAA Rules

Every archers must be aware of the IFAA Rules applicable for the EFAC 2019 tournament

Download rules

Starter list

Update: Saturday, December 1, 2018 11:00:25 AM

Your data not correct? Please contact us at

Download starting list here!

IFAA Scorecard

Every archer must bring a completed and signed classification/scorecard to the registration desk at the EFAC 2019.

Download rules

General safety awareness declaration

Every archer must be aware and accept the general safety awareness declaration applicable for EFAC 2019

View safety declaration

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